Shed TV - May 2012

New on the site this month; we're focusing on heart health, we have new cooking and gardening activities, a golden oldie film review and answers to your asthma questions.

Tony here, with Shed TV. Bringing you up-to-date with news from The Shed Online in May. 

Health - The Heart

  • Heart healthFirst up, our health focus. We’re wearing our hearts on our sleeve, because we want all you Shedders to be informed about heart health. We’ve got together with the Heart Foundation to bring you info on heart attack warning signs. You can also watch a video that highlights the importance of calling emergency 000 if you suspect a heart attack is imminent or occurring. 
  • Heart Week, 6 - 12 MayIt’s Heart Week this month - in our News section you’ll find a link to download a poster to print out about heart attack warning signs.
  • Are you heart smart? And, we’ve got a Heart Foundation quiz in the Activities section - take a look to see if you are “heart smart”.   
  • Will you recognise your heart attack? Professor James Tatoulis, Chief Medical Advisor at the Heart Foundation, discusses heart attack warning signs and risk factors in our Blog this month. 


  • Heart Health Q&AHe’s also made himself available to answer your questions in a new Shed Online Q & A session. You’ll find it in the Discussions section. To encourage you all to participate, we’re offering a copy of the Heart Foundation barbecue cookbook to the first 20 Shedders to get their heart health questions in to us, so get cracking!
  • Asthma Q&AFollowing on from our previous Q & A on the topic of asthma, answers to your questions are now available. Just go to the Discussions section to see what came back.


  • Garlic prawns:As far as new activities go, we have the second in our new series of cooking "how-to" videos with our mate, Tom. These are all about barbecues - every bloke loves a barbie… especially if your name is Ken… anyway, Tom gives us a great recipe for garlic prawns. Yum.
  • Build a pond: There's a new gardening activity, too - and it's a cracker! Our expert Andrew Laidlaw takes us through the steps to build an ornamental pond. It makes for a lovely view out the kitchen window, and acts as a calming centrepiece to a garden setting.

From the Blog

  • Lawrence of Arabia (1962)Finally, you film buffs can take a look at a new review posted by our critic, Bernard. It's for the classic, "Lawrence of Arabia", starring Peter O'Toole,  considered to be one of the most influential films of all time. Read all about it in our blog, and let us know what you think by posting a response on the Discussions page.

We hope you enjoy looking around The Shed Online in May. If you're not a member, sign up to join in on discussions, and be part of The Shed community. I'll be back with more updates in a couple of weeks.

'Til next time, Shedders!

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