Shed TV - March 2012

What's new on the site? Dr Karl answers the last of our Shedder's questions. In our activities section our car expert offers some handy car tyre hints and we have an "Intro to Facebook" activity.

On the blog, Bernard reviews another Hollywood golden oldie and we introduce shedder Jim, who recommends some board games.

Our health focus is on asthma so we have some great new information for you to check out as well as a lung health checklist.

G’day there, Shedders. Well, here we are in March - the first month of Autumn. There’s plenty of new content on The Shed Online - here’s what we’re kicking off with this month.

  • Dr Karl Q&A – part 5: In this final video of the series, Dr Karl answers questions about referred sensation in your limbs, benzene levels in cars, using white vinegar to polish your car, methods for boiling eggs, and why glass looks green when you look at it from the side.
  • Facebook and social networkingOur first new activity is a rundown on a hot technology topic. You’ve probably heard the term “social networking”. Well, in this activity, we shed some light on the phenomena of Facebook. Learn about what Facebook is used for, and how it can help you stay in touch with people. We point out some things to consider before signing up for Facebook, and give you lots of useful tips to help you make the most of it as a social media tool.
  • Check your tyres: We’ve got another vehicle maintenance activity - giving you the low-down on... tyres. Our car guy, Jason, shows you how to keep an eye on your tyres. It’s useful info, that won’t let you down!
  • Check your lungsThe Shed Online health feature this month is asthma, so we’ve included a quiz that’s all about your lungs. Take a few moments to do the quiz to see if you should be talking to your doctor about the health of your lungs.
  • Asthma: In the health section of the site, you’ll find more information about asthma, including advice about preparing for the coming winter months. We’ve also included this asthma first aid poster which outlines four simple steps to take in the case of an asthma emergency. The poster is free to download. Print it out, and stick it to your fridge door!
  • Asthma education sessions: You can find out about asthma education sessions in your area by taking a look in the News section of The Shed Online.
  • Asthma Q&A: And, we’ve got a Question and Answer discussion with a doctor from Asthma Australia. Go to the discussions section to ask a question and our expert will have answers for you next month.
  • Tora! Tora! Tora! film reviewOur Shed Online blog has three new articles. There’s Bernard’s review of the 1970 movie “Tora! Tora! Tora!” about the attack on Pearl Harbour. Have a read, and rent the movie from your local video store. 
  • Board games review: We’ve got a board games review from Shed member, Jim. Board games are a great social activity. Maybe there’s some here that you’ve not played before? If you want to talk about your favourite board-games, you can let other Shedders know in our board games discussion topic.

Look out for more articles in our blog each month. We’re aiming for a wide variety of topics, so there’s bound to be something there that will be of interest to you.

We’ll be back in touch halfway through March with further Shed Online updates.

‘Til next time, Shedders!

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