Men's Health Week is about men, health and environMENts.

Men's Health Week  is not far away! This annual worldwide celebration of the contributions of men and boys to our society has been running for over a decade.  This year, Men's Health Week is about environMENts for health.

It's about looking at how life environments - natural, physical, social, family, working or spiritual - contribute to health.  

It's why we have parks, gardens and family days at the beach.

It's why we develop safe and fulfilling workplaces, why we encourage men and women to become better parents and why blokes have sheds.

And it's about connecting with the natural environment to achieve better health environments in your life.

This Men's Health Week, we're putting the call out to improve men's and boy's health by reconnecting with natural environMENts.  This will be good for the health of men as well as women, kids, families, communities and society.

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