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This teenager has made a gadget to stop Alzheimer's patients getting lost

4 July 2015

US high-school student, Kenneth Shinozuka, has developed a low-cost device that alerts family members or nurses when a patient gets out of bed, helping to prevent people with Alzheimer's from wandering off and getting dangerously lost.

Take 5 with...Breitie
Take 5 with...Breitie

1 July 2015

This month we are taking 5 with shedder Breitie, a DIY hanglider with a deep respect for those that have achieved the impossible.

Some music from the shed

28 June 2015

Take a listen to some music of the shed, played on a set of shed-created instruments by French music group Zic Zazou.

Lasseters camel cup

25 June 2015

Every year, thousands of visitors descend on Alice Springs’ Blatherskite Park for one of our more informal race meetings.

The bird that sounds like a cat

22 June 2015

A cousin of the bowerbird, the green catbird has a decidedly feline call.

Understanding what really makes us sick

19 June 2015

The lifestyle choices you make, such as diet, exercise and smoking, have a huge impact on your health. Yet most of us know nothing of the social factors that drive these.

New food pyramid: what to eat 'at a glance'

16 June 2015

If publicity over fad diets and celebrity eating plans has left you utterly confused about what you're really supposed to eat to stay healthy, take heart. We have a new food pyramid which aims to set the record straight.

Drought testing rural wellbeing, UC survey finds

15 June 2015

The 2014 Regional Wellbeing Survey produced by the University of Canberra has painted a concerning picture of the wellbeing of Australians in drought affected areas.

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