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Chatting with relatives via the internet reduces agitation in people with dementia

25 May 2016

Video chatting with relatives over the internet might be able to reduce the risk of nursing home residents with dementia becoming agitated or even aggressive, new research suggests.

Lab-grown human cells have blocked diabetes in mice for good

22 May 2016

For the first time, researchers have converted induced pluripotent stem cells - cells capable of turning into any other type of cell - into fully functioning pancreatic beta cells, and when transplanted into diabetic mice, they blocked the disease altogether.

TED Talk: A new superweapon in the fight against cancer

19 May 2016

Cancer is a very clever, adaptable disease. To defeat it, says medical researcher and educator Paula Hammond, we need a new and powerful mode of attack.

Announcement on the future of The Shed Online

17 May 2016


Earlier this year, as the result of decreasing numbers of participants and increasing cost with operating The Shed Online (TSO), beyondblue made the very hard decision to close down TSO from 30 June 2016.

The value of Australia’s natural wealth has doubled in the last decade

16 May 2016

The value of Australia's natural wealth nearly doubled in the decade to 2015, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), rising from $3 trillion in 2006 to $5.8 trillion in 2015.

2017: The year we eliminate polio?

13 May 2016

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So far this year, only nine polio cases have been reported in the entire world. By this time next year, the World Health Organisation predicts that number will finally reach zero.

What does ownership mean in the digital age?

10 May 2016

When you buy a product, you expect to own it. But does that concept have any meaning when companies can switch it off from afar?

TED Talk: What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?

7 May 2016

In this uplifting and personal talk, learn more about how this new understanding of our place in the world is galvanizing people to take action in the fights against extreme poverty, climate change, gender inequality and more.

A month of meteor showers as Earth passes through the tail of Halley’s Comet

4 May 2016

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We're in for quite a show over the next few weeks as Earth passes through the tail of Halley's Comet. Known as the Eta Aquarids, the month-long shower runs from April 20 to May 21, but you'll be able to see the most activity in the early hours of May 5 to 7, when the New Moon provides gloriously dark skies.

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