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A near-death experience changes a surfer's life

12 October 2015

Chris Hewgill almost died twice—once in the surf and then again days later in hospital. The experience changed him in a profound way—he became more emotional and spent more time with his family. It also made him a 'death whisperer', who tells everyone he meets to enjoy the small things in life.

This new smart glove can turn sign language into text and speech

12 October 2015

This glove is designed to help sign language users make themselves understood by those who can't usually interpret it.

Driverless cars could reduce traffic fatalities by up to 90%, says report

10 October 2015

A new report has analysed the impact of driverless cars on the incidence of fatal traffic accidents, and say that simply by taking human emotions and errors out of the equation, we could reduce deaths on the road by 90 percent.

9 free online science courses that’ll change the way you see the world

7 October 2015

Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your career, get back into study, or simply learn something mind-blowing, one of the best ways to level up in a whole new subject fast is with a course.

We can make our own future with our own hands

5 October 2015

Charles Waterstreet's column from the NSW Sun Herald, 27 September 2015, (my words) "Looking at ourselves in the mirror". Very thoughtful commentary.

Suggested by Mipela.

The Men’s Shed Movement – An excellent new history by Barry Golding

5 October 2015

Barry Golding’s research interest in men’s learning and wellbeing and its link to men’s sheds in community settings came out of a series of research projects undertaken in Victoria from 2002.

Take 5 with...Red750
Take 5 with...Red750

1 October 2015

This month we are taking 5 with Red750: previously a private pilot, presently a proficient photographer who prefers poultry parmas.


29 September 2015

Test your knowledge of grains.

Drought-hit outback southwest Queensland is open for business

29 September 2015

Rural communities do it tough. None more so than those in the Outback, and in particular the drought-hit areas of South West Queensland.

Centenarian Hidekichi Miyazaki, dubbed Golden Bolt, sets sprint record in Japan

25 September 2015

A fleet-footed Japanese centenarian has raced into the Guinness World Records reference book, declaring himself a "medical marvel" as he continues to stalk sprint king Usain Bolt.

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