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Green tree frog pulls off great snake escape, far north Queensland snake catcher says.

30 October 2014

A green tree frog has pulled off a great snake escape in far north Queensland, with a zoologist saying the amphibian was regurgitated alive.

Male-pattern baldness

27 October 2014

Male-pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss. For a few men, this process starts as early as the late teens. By the age of 60, most men have some degree of hair loss. The first stage of male-pattern baldness is a receding hairline.

Campfire chat a chance for social bonding

24 October 2014

Sitting around a campfire at night enables social bonding that rarely occurs during daylight, say researchers.

Goal is not a four letter word

21 October 2014

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Whether it's losing weight, giving up smoking or planning a holiday, setting goals – and achieving them – is essential for our health and happiness. So why do some of us dislike them so much?

Finding reliable information about medical tests: new information-sharing collaboration

18 October 2014

A new information-sharing collaboration between NPS MedicineWise and Lab Tests Online Australasia means consumers and health professionals will have access to additional, reliable information on medical tests and conditions.

We want your opinion! - The Shed Online Enhancement Survey

16 October 2014

The Shed Online team is asking the community to rank a number of proposed improvements for the site.

Paralysed rats takes 1,000 steps thanks to remote-controlled technology

15 October 2014

Scientists in the US have made paralysed rats walk again by directing electrical pulses at their spinal cords to mimic commands normally sent by the brain. A human trial is next.

beyondblue Have The Conversation campaign
beyondblue Have The Conversation campaign

14 October 2014

beyondblue launched a new national initiative called ‘Have the Conversation’ on World Mental Health Day to guide Australians on how to approach someone they think may be struggling with depression or anxiety, and how to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Jellyfish Stinging in microscopic slow motion

12 October 2014

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ScienceAlert explains how jellyfish sting and provides vision of their sting in microscopic slow motion.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield on space oddities

9 October 2014

Check out this interview with American astronaut, Chris Hadfield about some of the experiences in space.

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