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Testing the testosterone myths

27 February 2015

It’s said that testosterone is what makes men, men. But it’s a myth that more testosterone makes you more of a man.

Medicines can make skin more sensitive to the sun

25 February 2015

Some medicines can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and this summer season NPS MedicineWise advises Australians to check their medicines packaging for warnings to avoid excessive skin exposure to sunlight and sunlamps.

Predatory snail strikes with unusual insulin weapon

22 February 2015

A carnivorous cone snail uses an insulin-laced cocktail to essentially send fish into a diabetic coma.

5 ways to improve your memory

19 February 2015

Losing keys, forgetting names and not remembering important information for work or study? For most of us, memory lapses aren't a sign of a serious illness but they are nonetheless frustrating.

The shady truth about shade

16 February 2015

If you've ever been sunburnt after spending time under a covered grandstand or beach umbrella, you'll know all shade is not equal.

Do people shrink with age?

13 February 2015

People can lose centimetres in height as they age and their muscles can shrink too.

Saluting our best mates

11 February 2015

They don't have off days, rarely complain, are endlessly patient and always happy to see you – our four-legged, furry or feathered mates can always be counted on to be about when we need a friend.

How many smells can you smell?

8 February 2015

Did you know that 5 percent of our genes are dedicated entirely to smelling things?

A 20-minute walk every day could save your life

3 February 2015

Walking briskly for 20 minutes every single day could help you live longer.

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