Shed TV - November 2012 - mid-month update

Sun, 2nd December 2012

Find out what's new on the Shed Online, in this mid-month update. We have a new gardening activity, an interview with David Helmers from the Australian Men's Shed Association. In this month's health Q&A, our expert will be available to answer any questions you may have on the topic of prostate cancer - plus we have a new handyman DIY activity, & plenty more...

G'day Shedders. Movember moustaches will be coming along nicely by now. Funds raised through Movember are used to benefit a range of health initiatives for men. This includes beyondblue's work to raise awareness of depression and anxiety and the Prostate Cancer Foundation's work into researching the disease and providing support for those affected by it. Make sure you support your fellow Mo Bros and Sistas this year and help Movember continue its important work.


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Til next time, Shedders!