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Mon, 19th March 2012, 11:04pm

Hi all, I like to listen to the cricket on the radio while watching the game on TV with the sound turned off. But the radio broadcast is up to 5 seconds ahead of the TV and it is very offputting, so I want to make or buy a gadget that can delay the radio up to 5 sec.  I was thinking of buying a guitar delay pedal and plug the inlet of the pedal into a radio earphone outlet and plug the outlet of the pedal to a small speaker, that way I can (maybe) adjust the radio delay. I would do away with the spring foot switch and put in a toggle switch so I don't have to hold the pedal in all the time.  Pretty Hi tech ey!! 

 Is there any electronics guys out there who can help me with this, any ideas, do or dont's ? This is the only gadget I can think of, maybe or probably there are better ideas. I'm a fitter and turner so I am not really into electronics, metal machining is my story, if anyone wants any advice about that let my know!

       So if you can help with my delay project please post..  thanks

                                                                                              Jeff...  Port Lincoln SA   3/12 


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Tue, 20th March 2012, 9:39am - updated - Tue, 20th March 2012, 10:21am

Jeff,  That delay bugs me too.  The guitar pedal idea is a good thought, but I'm not sure what range of time delays they can handle and with what precision.  As I was digging around on the net I came across a couple of radios with the delay feature built-in. That may be a lot simpler solution.

See: http://www.sportsyncradio.com/specifications.html.  It's around US$60 direct from the manufacturer - plus shipping.  You may want to get a 240V AC adapter and may need to buy that here.

There's a similar item available at http://www.tomorrowelectronics.com/product-203854/Audio-Delay-Sports-Radio-Broadcasting-Radio-IG-SR9.htm.  Not sure of the price.

The only thing that I'd be wary of is that in Australia we use 9kHz frequency increments in the FM band and in the US they use 10kHz increments.  You could ask the manufacturer to confirm that the radio will handle that difference.  Hope this helps.  Regards  BruceH



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Tue, 20th March 2012, 10:55pm

Thanks Bruce,

               That sportsyncradio is just what I am looking for, It can operate on FM and AM so it is good for Aussie stations, IE: ABC am.   It says they will be avail, in Aus but don't say when, I will keep contact with them and post in the shed when I know more...  thanks again..

                                                                                           Jeff.. Port Lincoln  SA   3/12 


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Sat, 9th June 2012, 3:38pm

Be aware that the US stations have a 10kHz station separation (min freq separation between stations) whereas Australia has 9kHz. So if they are digital radios they may not work properly here.


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Mon, 13th August 2012, 10:56pm

The cheapest and easiest way, if you own a computer, is to use the soundcard on it to digitise the radio signal into the computer, buffer it for the required delay, then spit it out of the soundcard again. Depending on your situation this may or may not be convenient.

It could be done with hardware but 5 seconds is a fair bit of audio to buffer up.

If you came up with a solution I would be interested in hearing about it.

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Mon, 3rd September 2012, 12:13am


The May, 2011, edition of Silicon Chip magazine had an article on a device just like the one you're looking for.  They called it the SportSync Audio Delay module:  http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_112452/article.html



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Allen Clarke

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Thu, 17th January 2013, 3:39pm

I like the silicon chip kit but I was thinking of a delay line from an old cathode Ray TV . The Video is delayed by using a Delay module.

Just raid an old TV PCB in the dump


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Robert Rayner

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Wed, 4th September 2013, 4:51pm

That delay line from old TV is probably only "nanoseconds", not very long.

Cheers     Bob Rayner



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Sat, 7th September 2013, 1:38pm


I don't know if that would work continously which is what You are looking for..

I also don't know exactly how the guitar delay works, but I can't see that it is constant, I believe it just takes the sound when activated, and delays that particular sound ONLY.. and it would need to be activated again for another delayed sound..  so it cannot just keep delaying constantly.. which is what You are looking for.    I can't think of anything that actually just delays electrically and continously..  Maybe there is something these days that musicians use??? if they need to delay a sound constantly, I'm sure there would be something available.  I have heard of people who listen to the Radio while watching the game on TV..  but I haven;t heard of anyone complaining of the delay.. I have a similar problem at Home with the main TV on and another TV using a set top box , one is about 5 seconds behind the other when watching the same channel. So, maybe a set top box will fix Your problem, as it will slow the TV down about the correct time.  But whether all set top boxes have the same time delay??  I don't know.  I can check if You like as I have three different brands of set top boxes I can check.  I think there is a delay of about 3-5 seconds which is a large time difference..  You hear the Audio on one TV and then see and hear the same thing again a few seconds later..


Lee in Adelaide at the moment



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Mon, 4th November 2013, 8:57pm

Delay Radio,

   Well I have managed to find a supplier in Australia that sells the Delay Radio.

  My radio arrived today and it is a beauty. AM FM analogue so you can use it anywhere. 3 -AA Batterlies

  aug/ out if you want to plug into a speaker or the like, but the sound is great by itself. can be delayed up to 8 seconds.  The radio is bigger that the one shown in the website 7"by 41/2"by1"thick.  Its a ripper. Bring on the poms, Bye Ian Bye Richie Hi Kerry Hi Drew..... Cost $70 inc post.

 see :   panoganaelectronics.com.au                                          Jeff    4/11/13       smiley-laughing.gif

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